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Dr. Debbie Oldenberg, Dr. Timothy Kirchberg, and Dr. Jessica Waterworth at Parkside Chiropractic in Columbus, WI, share the importance of seeing a spine specialist for health and healing below.

How a Spine Specialist Can Help Improve Your Health and Provide Pain Relief

Even though most don’t realize it, many cases of pain and health conditions are due to an issue within the spine. In the guide below, Dr. Oldenberg, Dr. Kirchberg, and Dr. Waterworth at Parkside Chiropractic in Columbus, WI, explain why this is the case and how a spine specialist can help.

The Importance of Your Spine

When you think of your spine, you likely think of the bones that travel down the back. You know they hold you upright and allow you to bend and move. However, what most people don’t realize is that the spinal column is a complex, intricate system of muscles, nerves, discs, and connective tissue in addition to the bones.

In the middle of the spinal bones sits the spinal cord, which houses the nerves that control the body. The nerves travel out from the spinal cord to transmit the messages necessary for various voluntary and involuntary functions.

When the components of the spinal column are positioned correctly, the nerves can carry out their responsibility. However, misalignment of the bones, herniated discs, muscle tension, and other issues can put pressure on these nerves. This pressure impedes the nerves’ ability to do their job, leading to pain, illness, and various health conditions.

How a Spine Specialist Can Help

A chiropractic spine specialist can do a comprehensive assessment of the spinal column to determine where the root of your symptoms lies. Once discovered, various natural techniques can be employed to address the issue.

One highly effective technique is chiropractic adjustments, which restore proper alignment throughout the spinal column. Spinal decompression is often used to gently stretch the spine and pull herniated discs back into their proper place.

Soft tissue techniques can relieve tension and inflammation, improve blood flow, restore range of motion, and help damaged tissues heal. Therapeutic exercises are also typically employed to stretch and strengthen problem areas.

These are just a few examples of techniques often utilized to address spinal problems. However, many effective techniques can be used to correct the root cause, relieve symptoms, and prevent the pain from reoccurring.

Improve your health and recover from injuries more quickly with the help of a spine specialist. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Oldenberg, Dr. Kirchberg, and Dr. Waterworth at Parkside Chiropractic in Columbus, WI, by calling (920) 623-2610 today.

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