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  • Tim Does Great work. I am very happy with the work they do. I highly recommend them.

    - Chester G.
  • Helped me through many episodes of back pain. Love thos place.

    - Patricia H.
  • Beyond happy with every adjustment,  haven't felt this good in years!

    - Coral K.
  • Very friendly and professional.

    - Sarah C.
  • Dr. Deb works tirelessly to determine the root cause of your health issues and provides proven and for many life-changing solutions to improve health and wellness through diet, exercise and supplementation. Her 12-week wellness program is a game changer. She is very compassionate and goes above and beyond to make sure you're feeling and looking your best!!

    - Matt G. Show More
  • Good place to have your back checked out at

    - John D.
  • So, I have a lot of pain issues due to scoliosis. It's not bad enough to repair surgically but causes issues with nerves and knots. Constantly goes out of alignment. Also just found out at pediatrist my foot is broken.
    With that being said. If it weren't for this place I might not have been able to walk. But they do amazing work here. I'm about 6 ft tall. My chiropractor is much shorter than I am but she does wonders. Don't let size fool you. She uses a laser and it's helped me go from not walking on a foot that's apparently broken and that broken bone hitting a nerve to walking almost without a limp out the door! No pain to get it there. To me- I'm apparently very sensitive- it feels like magnets trying to be pushed together that can't be.
    Using the laser for anxiety is great too. You feel very relaxed after going. If you have anxiety, ask about it. Just be aware you might feel very tired because you'll be that relaxed.
    The acupuncture was really neat too and worked. Took the knot right out. I'm willing to try whatever they think will work cause I just don't want pain.

    - Nicole V. Show More
  • Second time visiting after a long time away.  Great service, just what I needed at the time.

    - DK Weildler
  • The doctor was really nice and helpful. I had never been to a chiropractor, but the experience was good and honestly my shoulder feels so much better for now. Given helpful stretches and exercises to use post-visit.

    - Andrewthal S.
  • Dr. Jessica is amazing! I have been to numerous chiropractors without relief from my chronic pain. She is very thorough and really tries to figure out where and what the problem is. I highly recommend this place!

    - Rose B.

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